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Schöner Living 2024 Rheingolf Messe 2024

Schöner Living 2024 - as part of the 24th International Rheingolf Fair, 01-03 March 2024

Düsseldorf Airport - Station Airport

Exhibition for new centres of life and company relocations

Cooperation with Welt am Sonntag

Many people are currently looking for new places to live. These can be temporary or permanent. The new centres of life are being sought at home and abroad, often as capital investments. Many companies are also looking for new locations for their headquarters. In addition, financial and capital investments outside Germany are becoming increasingly interesting.

Schöner Living is the name of the exhibition for new places to live at the popular Rheingolf trade fair in Düsseldorf. At Station Airport, the new Rheingolf location, Schöner Living will have its own level, the gallery with its spectacular views of the airfield with its jets taking off and landing.

Only 13 stand areas of 9, 12 and 18 square metres are available here. The visitor restaurant and the "Campus" stage are located on the same level. This is where exhibitors have the opportunity to present their products and services. The separate level, which can be reached by escalators from the ground floor, is important for exhibitors at Schöner Living. Visitors who are not interested in golf go directly to the Schöner Living exhibitors here. Golf visitors are of course also interested in what they have to offer, as golf property is very much in vogue.

Who exhibits at Schöner Living?

Property developers - property providers outside Germany - providers of holiday homes - relocation agencies - private banks - consulting law firms - free trade zones - consulting companies relocating outside Germany.

The Airport station in the airport railway station is easy to reach. The direct proximity to Düsseldorf Airport allows day visitors to fly in. The international exhibitors welcomed the uncomplicated arrival and departure. More than half of all visitors took advantage of the convenient and environmentally friendly journey by S-Bahn, Regio-Bahn and ICE.

Cooperation with Welt am Sonntag

Schöner Living co-operates with Welt am Sonntag. On the Sunday before the exhibition days, a special page appears in the highest-circulation Sunday newspaper in NRW. Each of the 13 exhibitors at Schöner Living will be featured.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Michael Jacoby: Tel.: +49-(0)151-54770314,

Registration Form Schöner Living 2024

Here you will find the current registration form for Schöner Living 2024.
(Stand: 10.01.2024)

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Info release Schöner Living 2024 Schöner Living 2024

Here you will find the Schöner Living trade fair - info release no.1
(Stand: 10.01.2024)

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Floorplan Schöner Living 2024

Here you can find the current Floor plan for Schöner Living 2024.
(Stand: 10.01.2024)

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