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Rheingolf 2023
Test – Shop – Inform – Travel!

Many exhibitors from different destinations will be lined up and waiting for visitors to next year's Rheingolf Exhibition which opens for the 23nd time, from February 18th - 20th, 2022 in Duesseldorf. It's no coincidence that there is now such a heavy focus on golf tourism either. With recent figures released on the ever increasing German lust for travel, a nation already regarded as a European leader, Rheingolf has now become by far Europe's largest Golf Travel Bureau. With German golfers now spending more money and time at overseas golf destinations than any other nation, Rheingolf is THE place to present themselves with new ideas for next season and beyond. Duesseldorf is the capital of German state North-Rhine Westphalia which alone has over 300,000 golfers and so it's no wonder our event has grown so well over the past few years.

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